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Synthetic cannabinoids

PR Laboratories specialises in supply of synthetic cannabinoid reference standards. Synthetic cannabinoids, agonists showing CB1 or CB2 binding affinity, are perhaps the fastest moving class of designer drugs. However, they also hold promise in a variety of therapeutic applications.

The growing array of compounds used for their cannabis-like effects began to emerge in the early 2000s with a product marketed as “Spice.” They then proliferated in families, as various territories enacted analogue legislation to prohibit molecules in groups by class. This produced a broad number of structurally distinct backbone structures with a wide number of variations.

PR Laboratories offers a diverse library of synthetic cannabinoid reference standards for analytical and research applications. Our library includes indole-3-carboxamides, indazole-3-carboxamides, naphthoylindoles, naphthoylindazoles, aroylindoles, pyridoindolones, benzoylindoles, indole-3-heterocycles, indole-3-carboxylates, quinoline-3-carboxamides, sulfonylbenzoates and more.

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