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Frequently Asked Questions

When did PRLabs begin trading?

Psychoactive Research Limited trading as “PR Labs” began trading in New Zealand on April 4th, 2015.

What currency is used to quote prices for PRLabs products?

Prices of all products are quoted in (USD) United States Dollars.

How do I obtain price and availability of PRLabs products?

Pricing and availability can be obtained via our New Zealand website.

What are the trading terms & conditions for PRLabs website?

Full terms & conditions can be viewed by clicking the terms and conditions link in footer menu below to the right.

Do you sell products to customers inside New Zealand?

If you are in New Zealand and you wish to purchase a substance restricted under the Psychoactive Substances Act, then additional licenses will be required for us to sell and for you to purchase. We are very happy to work through this with you, so please contact us to discuss.

Do PRLabs prices include New Zealand GST?

GST is the local goods and sales tax inside New Zealand. There is no local sales tax payable on export orders. Customers inside New Zealand must pay 15% GST.

What is PRLabs New Zealand GST number?

Our GST number is 111-621-918

What are the New Zealand freight charges?

Our standard freight charge for our products is $25 USD.

Our standard freight charge for International Tracking is $40 USD.

Are there any additional charges?

Additional charges for ice packaging, dangerous goods freight or compliance are quoted to customers (where applicable) at the time of ordering.

How do I place an order for your products?

Orders can be placed electronically via the Internet, email or via our existing New Zealand office services.

Email Orders –

What is your physical address and phone number?

Telephone  – +64 9 363 2729

Address for Service and Deliveries 

Psychoactive Research Limited
Level 27, PWC Building
188 Quay Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

What is the country of origin of these materials?

While many were synthesised right here in our laboratory, some materials came from pharmaceutical research organisation Stargate International in New Zealand, some materials as noted from Dalton Pharma Services in Canada. All have certification or purity verification as noted.  

What documentation accompanies product deliveries?

Product deliveries are accompanied by a packing list only. The packing list includes the description, catalogue number and quantity of each product in the shipment, as well as relevant dangerous goods information. The packing list also indicates any products that are on back-order.

How are my invoices delivered?

Invoices are not included with product shipments but are mailed directly to your nominated finance/accounting department for payment processing.

How do I pay for my order or invoice?

Orders and Invoices are payable in United States dollars by PayPal, Credit Card or by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) into our New Zealand bank account. Our bank account details are:

Our bank details:

  • Westpac New Zealand Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

The initiating bank will need the name and number of the receiving account at Westpac.

Depending where your bank is based, an overseas bank may also ask for the following information:

  • SWIFT code: Westpac New Zealand’s code is WPACNZ2W
  • NAME of account holder: Psychoactive Research Limited
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 03-1322-0149048-000
  • SORT code: the first six digits of our Westpac account number: 031322
  • BSB number: the first six digits of your Westpac account number: 031322
  • IBAN number: Westpac New Zealand do not use IBAN numbers to receive funds.
  • NCC(National Clearing Code): the first six digits of your Westpac account number 031322

Westpac’s corresponding bank for transfers from American banks is:
JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York, Manhattan New York, USA
Routing Number: 021 00 0021

PayPal to this email address please:

How do I return goods?

New Zealand customers who wish return products must contact customer service and obtain a return number. International customers should email us at and quote their invoice number and reason for return.

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