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Custom Synthesis in New Zealand

Do you need a custom synthesis partner for a molecule that is not listed in our library? Allow us to synthesise it for you affordably in New Zealand.

Let us partner with you on your next research or pharmaceutical development project.

PR Labs’ boutique laboratory and technical team are well equipped for gram scale custom synthesis and scale up of new molecules for analytical or R & D purposes.

Our team’s drug design experience is in combinatorial chemistry, we can assist in suggesting substitutions and modifications for a robust drug discovery project. We will obtain relevant licenses, develop synthetic routes and produce samples to your specification, walking through activity profiling, toxicity evaluation and efficacy testing stages of pharmaceutical development if required.

We have experience and capability in finely targeted herbal extraction for natural product development.

Prices vary depending on project and availability of precursors, so if you have an idea for a unique molecule or combinatorial series, contact us for an obligation free discussion.


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